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Mojo is for your eyes, ears, the taste buds and your soul.

When considering what to name their latest culinary venture, Chef and artist Domenick Falcione and Anthony DeMaio hit on Mojo, because it reflects their approach to food, something to be savored by all the senses. They’ve created an inviting setting and peppered the menu with fresh, intriguing dishes that change with the seasons. Menu selections span the globe in their ‘new american eclectic cuisine’ designed to be fresh, healthy and imaginative. Special attention is paid to the pairing of flavors and accompaniments using organic grains and vegetables, Lock Durat salmon, free range chicken and the finest meats.

Mojo is for your eyes, ears, the taste buds and your soul.

Zagat Rated “Excellent!” CLICK HERE for reviews.

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Hours of Operation

Open Monday – Saturday
serving dinner from 5pm
kitchen closes 10pm week days (11pm Fri and Sat)
Happy Hour Monday – Saturday from 5pm-7pm
Closed Sunday




Wednesday, July 18th

Cup 5 - Bowl 8

Chilled Summer Borscht
Cup 5 - Bowl 8

Fried Artichokes
Lemon aioli, capers 15

Homemade Burrata
Prosciutto, fig puree, balsamic reduction, lemon oil 18

Asian Style Salmon Tartar
Cucumber, cilantro, grain mustard, jalapeno, shallots, sesame oil, ginger and ponzu 15

Caprese Salad
Fresh mozzarella, basil, lemon vinaigrette 12

Galician Style Grilled Octopus
Steamed potatoes, sauteed onions, garlic, parsley sweet and smoked paprika, EVOO, sea salt 25

Grilled Swordfish Paillard 
Mango Lime Salsa, Coconut Rice 26

Tilapia Franchaise
lemon linguine 24

Penne Telefono
Lamb gravy, Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, tomato 26