Dom’s Art

Domenick’s love for food and his passion for abstract art makes him a special culinary genius. All chefs are artists. They combine ingredients, arrange them on a plate and than present the dish to the guest at the table. At mojo, you savor his talents at the table and between bites you experience his creations on the wall.

When he opened his first restaurant ‘The Little Rock Cafe’ in 1984 he dabbled in mixed mediums on canvas and displayed his art on the walls. Needles to say a client was interested in purchasing a piece while dinning one evening. Reluctant to sell at first, he gave in after the third time the client came back to dine.

Each new restaurant opening fed his ambitious desire to produce intriguing menus as well as more abstract art!

To date he has been commissioned by clients, auctioned pieces for charities and continues fulfilling his passion to produce interesting visual conversation art. All art in the restaurant is for sale and time permitting Domenick is available for commission work.

You can see more here on his Gallery Website